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I couldn’t be happier with Ignite Their Spark. Ryan’s lessons are well thought out and have pushed my kids to try new habits and life skills. They looked forward to the class each week, and came home excited to share what they had learned. We have really enjoyed implementing these habits into our daily lives. Ignite Their Spark has helped tremendously in reminding us that we can always be better, learn more, and help others.  (Elizabeth)

Thank you so much Ryan! She loved Ignite their spark! It was such a great experience for her and we have shared that with our neighbors and classmates!   (Jessica)

My 10 year old Son participated in Ryan’s “Ignite Their Spark” workshop and absolutely loved it.   He learned so many valuable life skills in the workshop...  how to build good habits,  the power of journaling, how to set and work towards his goals, the benefits of mindfulness and meditation, the importance of giving back to one’s Community and so much more.   My son has always had a great relationship with “Coach Ryan” on the tennis court but after having taken Ryan’s workshop he now realizes Ryan is so much more than a tennis Coach, he is truly a gifted Life Coach.   After each workshop my Son was so excited to share with my Wife and I everything he had learned.  As a Parent it was so gratifying to see and hear his excitement and enthusiasm.   Thank you Ryan, I can’t say enough good things about you, you have definitely  “ignited the spark” in my Son!  (Matt)


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